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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:a-Band APs not identified correctly
Date:16:03:08 07/09/2010

> Hello everybody,
> I´m running Kismet-2010-07-R1 on several machines and I´m observing a strange behaviour when it comes to reporting dual band access points.
> We have - amongst others - a Netgear WAG302v2 and a Cisco 1252 here operating at WPA2 on both bands. The 2,4 GHz SSIDs are reported correctly by Kismet but the 5 GHz SSIDs are shown as cloaked no matter if they are cloaked or not and under the "Crypt" column there´s a question mark. (These frequencies are displayed in green colour.)
> Only these two access points are concerned, others ar being reported correctly.
> Did someone observe this behaviour before / does someone have a clue?

Put a gzip'd packet cap up with at least a few beacons from each and I'll take a look. Preferably, a packet cap with tcpdump, so I can see the raw packets + signal headers your drivers are generating.

I have not seen this behavior anywhere else. My guess is either a) the APs aren't configured quite how you think they are, or b) your card/drivers on the capture side are somehow being wonky.

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