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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet won't let go of WiFi card
Date:14:37:46 07/09/2010

> After I am done running kismet on Ubuntu, the WiFi connection will not come back. I can run kismet again and all is well. If I restart of network-manager, the WiFi interface eventually goes away. It also will not show up in ifconfig.
> Is anyone else seeing this issue? How can I run kismet and go back to regular WiFi mode? Is there a way to just get something that looks like tcpdump for WiFi?

As the docs say, monitor mode conflicts with normal mode, and will prevent your card from working normally while it is active.

Modern versions of Kismet (you should be running 2010-07) combined with modern drivers create a virtual interface (wlanXmon). Normal network connections will still be disrupted since the channel will be changing rapidly, but it will not change the interface type.

As Kismet says when you exit, you need to reset your wifi networking, depending on your distribution.

There is no way to capture the data kismet captures without placing the card in monitor mode. You can run tcpdump on your wifi card, but you will not see wifi packets, only the data packets destined to your system.

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