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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:mac80211 driver + 802.11n
Date:21:16:43 03/09/2010

> What is the status of 802.11n support with the mac80211 driver?
> In packetsource_wext.c on line 689 I see:
> if ((err = mac80211_setchannel_cache(interface.c_str(), globalreg->nlhandle,
> nlfamily, in_ch, 0, errstr)) >= 0) {
> The 0 is the mode to use, so it looks like it never checks HT20/HT40+/HT40-
> Is there a way to add these to the hopping sequence?

Currently no, because so far, they don't seem to work. I haven't found an 11n device which reports 11n packets.

If you really wanted to, you could detect them in the channel list, and expand all the channel stuff to support it. It would be a fairly significant undertaking, it would have to change every usage of channel, plus the UI, xml, etc. It'll break all the existing XML parsers too, since channels will no longer be integers.


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