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Posted by:pedrogfrancisco
Subject:GPS info on PPI v2
Date:20:35:46 31/08/2010

> > Hi there!
> >
> > Dragorn, what are your plans for GPS on PPI?
> >
> > You want to redesign it or you accept patches for its current-non-working-form to get it to work as it is?
> No patches to the current code will be accepted, as it is not a standard and will not inter-operate with other tools, nor will it be carried forwards. That's why it's disabled now, as I said before.
> Once there is a gps standard, Kismet will support it. Until then, that code is defunct, will not be maintained, and SHOULD NOT BE USED. This is why it's commented out. It's broken. It will not work with other tools. Ignore it.

Fair enough. Just asked because you hadn't explained that properly until now.

Anyway, please rectify the README file in «9. GPS» section that currently GPS logging to the PPI is disabled, since I took it for granted and got disappointed (thus leading me to patch it).

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