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Posted by:mmauka
Subject:2010-07 Drone Test - Still connection issue
Date:09:10:14 31/08/2010

> Is anyone else having issues connecting to a drone using 2010-07-R1? Has anyone been able to get a drone to talk to the server using the new version?

I have kismet_drone running on a wrt54gl and connecting from kismet 2010-07
running on Ubuntu 9.10.

# opkg list-installed | grep kismet
kismet-drone - 2010-07-R1-1

Try changing dronelisten in kismet_drone.conf to the following.

> # Protocol, interface, and port to listen on
> dronelisten=tcp://


In my case, the IP address of the wrt54gl (device br-lan) is so
change it to match the IP address of your router. Or (I have not tried this)
use the IP address which should allow connections on any interface.


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