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Posted by:scrivomcdivo
Subject:Filtering Probes
Date:13:19:39 27/08/2010

Me yet again with another post. Apologies for this. I've spent the past few days researching Layer 2 of the OSI model but I'm still struggling to answer my queries myself.

Basically, I am looking to use Kismet to solely record MAC addresses from Layer 2 packets which Dragorn has kindly provided advice and guidance on doing. Nonetheless, I'd like Kismet to also filter out MAC addresses of access points as I solely want to look at the MAC addresses of probes and record these on the fly if possible.

Is there a way Kismet can be altered to solely monitor Probe MAC addresses? I can't work out if an Access Point will broadcast the MAC address of a connected probe / anticipated probe or not and if it does, then I'm not sure if such a filter could be applied.

Anyone out there offer any advice?

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