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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Filtering MAC address from Packet Capture
Date:03:42:49 25/08/2010

> > > Is it possible within Kismet to filer out specific information from the captured packets? I am looking to simply collate the MAC addresses of the devices located and I don't want to collect any data that may be considered as private (similar to what Google) did.
> >
> > install latest kismet (2010-07) and use the hidedata= option
> Dragorn, thanks a lot for that. Much appreciated. Will get testing it now to see what data capturing it limits

It's a shortcut in the packet decode which, as soon as it detects a data packet and decodes the type of dot11 headers, sets the packet length to the header length.

Effectively, it means you get mac addresses (bssid, client, destination) and packet counts (it's a data frame) but kismet completely ignores it otherwise.

This is more deep-ranging than simply turning off the pcap log, as it will prevent Kismet from even looking at the data runtime for IP configuration information, alerts, etc. As far as Kismet is concerned the packet is a 0-length data frame

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