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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Channel Detail : channel 31,32,...
Date:19:14:26 24/08/2010

> Hello
> In "Channel Detail" window (default UI), I see output about channel in the 30 (usually 31, 32, 33, 34 but the list seems to remove silent channels).
> What are those? I keep searching but I can't find any mention of '30 channels either in kismet doc or on the net.
> 802.11y that have channels numbered 131, 132, 133.. but they seems to be in the 3.6Ghz. However, wikipedia mentions some debate about how these channels could be extended to the 5Ghz, but it shouldn't be legal in my country (Canada).
> Any clue about this?

11a goes at least as low as 36. I don't recall offhand if it goes lower in non-US regions.

Generally what it means is you got SOMETHING on a channel your device claimed was 30, most likely in the radiotap per-packet headers.

It might be indicative of a glitch in your drivers, where they report either a channel that's bogus, or a frequency which when applied to the normal freq-to-channel conversions, comes out as low 30s.

Either way, you could probably log w/ tcpdump at the same time and then write something to go digging in the pcap file and find weird outlier radiotap data, and then determine if it's your card or your drivers.

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