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Posted by:scrivomcdivo
Subject:Remote Server
Date:10:38:20 24/08/2010

> I'm looking to set up a remote Kismet server in an office somewhere and I'm looking to have various Kismet clients that will be out and about and they will return data instantly to the server using the 3G mobile data network; the clients will have 3G capability.
> I am just wondering, how can you secure the server so that only designated clients can upload data? Similarly, has anybody ever looked at this before and if so, what was the bandwidth usage like on average?
> Thanks for your time and this forum rocks and of course so does Dragorn for developing this tool :)


I believe I may have answered my own questions:-

"The Kismet client/server protocol is basic text. Communicating with Kismet can be as simple as using telnet or netcat, however writing a full protocol dissector is suggested for serious applications."

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