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Posted by:AlanDrabke
Subject:Install 2010-07-R1.tar.gz on Ubuntu 9.10?
Date:02:09:31 21/08/2010

I got the 2008 version of Kismet from synaptic. I had no probs running it after I went into the config file and identified my wifi chip to kismet. Then I un-installed the old kismet and downloaded the 2010-07-R1.tar.gz version to my desktop. How do I install the new version of kismet?

The manuals say things like: tar -vfx, zxvf, and so forth, and so on, with no rhyme or reason. What code do I use? The manuals also say I need to define the path to the file. How do I do that? At a terminal I see:
dennyslaptop@dennyslaptop:~$ {blinking cursor} Is the pathway to kismet:
1. tar xyz kismet? or, 2. tar xyz /dennyslaptop/dennyslaptop/desktop/kismet?

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