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Posted by:newyorkpaulie
Subject:Get to "Gathering Packets" and then ...
Date:22:59:29 20/08/2010

> I got Kismet running and as far as the above, but nothing gets listed, not even my OWN signal. What gives?
> I use Linux (Mint8) and have had great success in my NYC apartment. There I use a T30 Thinkpad which has an Intel card. This message speaks about using Kismet in my house in PA (Poconos). I have the same kind of PC T30 Thinkpad that has a Cisco card. I know there are signals out there 'cause NetStumbler picks them up. In the city I get dozens more using Kismet and that's why I want to use it here (PA).
> Any ideas?
Sorry, but I guess it just took a while. I finally did get the hits I was looking for. Yes, my own PC shows up and a couple of the neighbors, but I was hoping that I might see a healthier listing than NetStumbler produced... to mimic what I found back in the "big city". One thing though... my key is not exactly correct (off by a few digits in the last column) is my naivete showing? This is a question (not a comment comrades).

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