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Posted by:jpallotta
Subject:Controlling drone channel list while running
Date:17:25:18 19/08/2010

> > Is it possible to control a drone's channel list while it is running? Does the CHANSOURCE command work when a drone is the source?
> In modern Kismets, yes (modern being anything newcore based, 2009/2010 versions).
> The drone source itself is a meta-source w/ no packets, but when you connect to a drone it will make Kismet sources which reflect the remote capture. Changing channel on these virtual sources should have the expected result.

I'm using newcore, subversion repo version 3062. I'm running a kismet drone on an embedded card as the sole source to my kismet server. When I run kismet client and attempt to change the channel, the channel does change in the "Channels" text box; however, it appears as though my drone did not get the change request. The drones default channel list only includes 1 and 11. I change the list to 1,6,11 in kismet client, but I don't get more frequent packet updates on channel 6 devices. I do get this if I change the drone's conf file to 1,6,11 and restart the drone.

Just wondering if I'm conceptually approaching this the correct way. Is this a bug or my misunderstanding of how this works?

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