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Posted by:mikew
Subject:Kismet_server connected, but not receiving data
Date:15:53:41 19/08/2010


I have a drone (kismet_drone on openwrt) and server (kismet_server on ubuntu) running, and the server is connecting to the drone just fine according to kismet_server output, and the .netxml file shows my drone. If I netcat to the port 3501 on the drone, I see lots of data originating from the drone, as we would expect.

However, the kismet_server although connected is not producing any data.

I'm not sure whats going on, or what to check next?

The netxml file shows my drone as connected, but no packets:

<card-source uuid="26a931b2-abab-11df-a947-30040c171802">

Any ideas on what to check next please?

UPDATE: Not sure if its relevant, but we are also seeing the following message in the drone console:

Kismet drone server client fd 5 ring buffer full, throwing away packet


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