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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Max Rate
Date:00:44:12 12/08/2010

> I asked about this issue here but maybe it will be better to start new topic.
> Last year I used kismet and I discovered with it in my city, there are networks with max rate 11.0, 18.0, 22.0, 36.0 and 54.0 Mbit. Of course 54 and 11 was dominated (approximately 70% of all networks). This year, same city, same area gave me 97% 54.0 Mbit networks and 3% 11.0 Mbit.
> What is changed? Where are other speeds? I know, that we are talking about two standards 802.11 b and g, but how can it possible, that now noone have maxrate 22 or 36?

You may be confusing max rate seen and max rate advertised.

There was only one series of devices (TI something or other) which offered 22mbit, and it only worked w/in that series of device.

I don't know anything that would only advertise 36mbit as the maxrate.

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