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Posted by:N0ri
Subject:Max Rate
Date:21:51:26 11/08/2010

I asked about this issue here but maybe it will be better to start new topic.

Last year I used kismet and I discovered with it in my city, there are networks with max rate 11.0, 18.0, 22.0, 36.0 and 54.0 Mbit. Of course 54 and 11 was dominated (approximately 70% of all networks). This year, same city, same area gave me 97% 54.0 Mbit networks and 3% 11.0 Mbit.

What is changed? Where are other speeds? I know, that we are talking about two standards 802.11 b and g, but how can it possible, that now noone have maxrate 22 or 36?

Best regards!

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