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Posted by:buee
Subject:Heat Mapping my WiFi
Date:20:13:42 11/08/2010

Let me start by saying that I have no intention of illegal activities.

What I have is 4 Ubiquiti directional APs that point in 4 different directions from a single location.

I want to map all WiFi access points in my neighborhood along with their frequency so I know they won't interfere with my equipment and I won't interfere with theirs and I can adjust my frequencies accordingly. This part, I'm sure I can figure out on my own.

After that, I want to drive around my neighborhood and create a heat map of MY wireless range so I know how many of my neighbors I can reach.

I saw that someone over at was able to accomplish something similar with KisMAC:

But their awesome forum has glitches and won't let me log in to ask this guy how he did this.

I've seen where it can be done but every piece of software I've found doesn't support the GPS and you have to keep clicking on your best guess current location. I would like GPS to be integrated so it's as accurate as possible.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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