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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Menu hotkey on international keyboard
Date:18:48:18 09/08/2010

> I find it very difficult to use ~ as the menu hotkey on an international keyboard. Here the ~ is only achieved with AltGr, and then you can't really press it simultaneously with another key to activate the right menu. Somehow, ESC doesn't work either in the latest release 2010-07-R1.
> Would it be possible to make the menu hotkey a configurable option?

What keys are similarly useful on international keyboards? '`' will also work, by the way, if that is more easily reached. On the US kb ~ and ` are the same physical key.

Escape is probably not working as part of the problem with compensating for broken ncurses which report multi-char escape handling and then don't do it. I can add a timer to handle that, at least.

It may be possible to make it a configurable option, I'll have to look into how to best prompt for it. Is there any sort of environment variable set for intl keyboards that Kismet could detect?

I know very little about intl keyboard handling, as you can tell.

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