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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Signal bargraph in client
Date:14:18:19 09/08/2010

> Hi,
> from the documentation I learned kismet is not able to evaluate the signal strength of a received network.
> The funny thing is, the kismet-client offers a graph that shows the signal of the networks (the red/orange thingy on the bottom of the window). How ist this graph created, where does it get its information from?

From signal data in the radiotap packet headers, which the drivers add based on their interpretation of the signal data of the card. It has a high chance of being bogus since many/most drivers tend to report crap values as signal. Signal will also vary based on the type of packet (mgmt frames are transmitted at a lower data rate and the effective sensitivity of the receiver varies based on the data rate, look at the specs of your card for an example, most go from -85 to around -95)

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