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Posted by:N0ri
Subject:Maxrate and Carrier - doesn't make sence
Date:19:50:27 06/08/2010

> > > > So this network (call it X) have 802.11b standard, so why maxrate is 36.0? Maxrate for 802.11b is 11Mbit ;/ What is going on? I have this type of log each time I scan some area...
> > >
> > > Short answer: Your drivers suck, and don't report valid carrier data.
> >
> > Could you please tell me some more? Because of this driver only carrirer data are wrong, or maxrate too? For me much more important are maxrate, it seems to be ok, but I think it is better to ask... I'll be glad for your answer and thx for advice.
> No idea. You don't say what driver you have, and even then, I've got no real idea. Look at the packets in wireshark and see if they make any kind of sense with the carrier and rate data.
> -m

I have one more question...
My kismet is able to find network that works in 11 or 18 or 22 or 36 or 56 Mbit. Is it depends only on the distance? For example network scanning at the moment have 36Mbit/s but when I'm closer it could have even 56Mbit? Are there other factors that affect the speed of the network that kismet detects? Other that distance or obstacle? I'm asking because there are no such thing like network 36Mbit, there are 802.11 b and g, so on 11Mbit and 56 Mbit. Can I say that in XYZ city 20% of network are 22Mbit?

Thank you for your help.

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