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Posted by:SteveyJay
Subject:Latest release of Kismet in BT4 ... Where is the plain CSV
Date:07:51:23 06/08/2010

Hi all,

Does anyone know what's happened to the CSV output file that Kismet (used to) output.

I've updated Kismet to the latest (I think) release about a week ago (start of August) as part of the Backtrack4 distribution.

Now, instead of getting a .csv output file (which I'd written an import routine for to import into a database i've created) I get lots of files with extensions like .nettxt, .netgps, .netaml etc etc.

Now I can open these (especially the nettxt) and see the raw text of the data fine but it shows a line per field/data type.

Tried opening the XML ones in Excel.. The gps ones work fine but don't show enough data to import into my database and the XML one gives me columns but no actaul data

I really need to get back to a good old boring CSV output.

Is this a configuration change in Kismet or has the plain CSV been removed in part of the latest release ?

Any help appreciated.



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