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Posted by:chuq00
Date:18:55:02 31/07/2010

I just used this python script that someone else on here had a link to and I like that a lot because it will convert an entire folder of .netxml to .kml and it has better icons when you import it to google earth.
If you were to edit the python script I am sure that you can change those icons some how I just have not messed with it yet, I like the results of it. here is that link

> Thanks very much my friend, that helped 100%. I can see that the circle icons are all coloured and different to represent the encryption used. I tried it and it works.
> One more question though, is it possible to use my own icons as a replacement of the default circle ones?
> Thanks again for your help.
> > I found this site here and he has a little script that you can use to convert the .netxml files to .kml files and when you import them into google earth you get 3 different colored markers identifying the various encryptions. If that helps you.

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