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Posted by:jpallotta
Subject:Changing kismet_server channel while running
Date:14:52:43 29/07/2010

When I run kismet with a single source, I would like to be able to change the channel list after I have started the kismet_server. Via the kismet_client, I have tried to use the "Kismet->Config Channel..." option but this doesn't seem to work. The channel list always remains as I have it set in kismet.conf. Looking at the kismet_client source, I see there is a CHANSOURCE command which takes UUID and the channel list. I have tried sending this via a telnet session but that also doesn't update the channel list (that I view via the SOURCE message).

Is the CHANSOURCE command meant to change the channel list for a given source?

Is there a way to change the channel list for a source once kismet_server is up and running?

I'm using a ubiquiti superrange cardbus PCMCIA card on ubuntu 9.04 as my kismet source. I'm running kismet as root.

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