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Posted by:stomponthis
Subject:Kismet server cannot connect to drone
Date:06:09:07 28/07/2010

> > So after all of the things I have tried I am still having issues with my kismet drone.
> >
> > Kismet Server produces the following error:
> >
> > Could not create connection to Kismet drone server at (Operation now in progress), will attempt to reconnect in 5 seconds.

> TCP socket isn't establishing a connection w/in 5 seconds.
> Check your routing, your firewall, and your allowed IPs in your drone config.
> Make sure, for example, that you're not putting a local interface in monitor mode then trying to route out it.

Routing - check, connected directly to the drone
Firewall - check, firewall is off on both machines
Allowed IP's - check, IP of machine running Kismet Server/Client is in the list
Interface - check, kismet starts its own mac80211 VAP, therefore, not using local monitor mode interface

This is only happening on Kismet 2010-07-R1. Have exactly the same configs, settings on 2010-01-R1 which I compiled for OpenWRT using the same method. Same router which I have re-flashed. Funny thing is I get no errors when compiling or running Kismet drone 2010-07-R1, just the no connection issue. When compiling 2010-01-R1 there are numerous errors, no mac80211 support and I have to start the local interface in mon mode through OpenWRT UCI... but it works!

Pretty sure its not a problem with the Kismet app., so will stop harassing with the never ending questions! =D Anyway it is working well with the older Kismet release!
I might try and troubleshoot it using Kismet on 2 laptops and making one a drone.

Thanks again.

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