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Posted by:stomponthis
Subject:certified hardware for drone?
Date:05:35:34 28/07/2010

> Is there a list of hardware that kismet drone can be installed?
> I'm looking for something other than laptops and WRG54G that I can install drones on.
> something more recent and maybe even on newer N routers?
> thanks

Hey there,

I am pretty sure there is no magical list that has all the hardware devices that can be used for running a kismet drone. There are a number of ways to implement a kismet drone, and wireless routers seem to be the most popular, like the Linksys WRT54G like you mentioned.

If you are going to use a wireless router, the best method seems to be (from my experience) using OpenWRT firmware and using installing the Kismet drone package. Currently, OpenWRT have the following versions of Kismet packages:

OpenWRT Backfire - Kismet Drone 2009-06-R2
OpenWRT Bleeding Edge - Kismet Drone 2010-01-R1

Backfire is the latest stable release from OpenWRT, while Bleeding Edge is the latest source code available that you have to compile yourself.

In terms of hardware, OpenWRT have a constantly expanding list of compatible hardware ( However, not all of the compatible devices can run Kismet, or run it well. The type of wireless chipset and wireless driver available are also important aspects to consider when deciding which device to purchase. You might want to try a TPLink WR-1043ND, its working well for me at the moment. Running Kismet drone 2010-01-R1 and has a gigabyte switch and USB slot, but seems to have terrible range.

I could go on for days about drones, but I will stop there!

Oh, Renderman has just published a new guide for Kismet newcore and OpenWRT Backfire ( He is the guy who did a lot of the work on running Kismet drones on WRT54G's. I haven't read it yet, as he hasn't publicly released. Its only on Hackersforcharity blog which you have to subscribe to view (
I bet it will be good though.

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