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Posted by:stomponthis
Subject:Kismet Drone, OpenWRT and mac80211
Date:02:04:46 18/07/2010

> Just thought I would dump the output of configure. There are a few errors that have been produced but it seems that mac80211 is supported by Kismet drone in my build. Therefore, guessing it is a mac80211 or diver issue on my wireless router.
> From the output the only thing that I find worrying is linux/if_arp.h is present but cannot be compiled.

Problem solved!!! Kismet drone is now starting a mac80211 VAP interface!!!

INFO: Source 'wlan0' attempting to create mac80211 VAP 'wlan0mon'
INFO: Started source 'wlan0'

It was a mac80211 issue, well more a end-user of mac80211 issue!
I am intending to do a detailed HOW TO regarding setting up Kismet on different wireless routers. There is not much documentation around, and it is mostly for WRT54G and Fon style devices. Will post a link here when I get the time to collate my notes and write the HOW TO.

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