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Posted by:stomponthis
Subject:Kismet Drone, OpenWRT and mac80211
Date:00:48:14 17/07/2010

> > Hi,
> >
> > Having some issues with using the mac80211 framework on my Kismet Drone. A basic overview:
> > Have a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro with a freshly compiled version of OpenWRT (developers trunk) and Kismet 2010-01-R1. When the Kimset drone starts up it states that there is no mac80211 support....

> I'm betting you're using madwifi or something instead?
> Kismet issues mac80211 netlink commands, if it returns that error, the interface really isn't obeying them & returning errors.

Just done a double check on the RouterStation Pro. Only wireless drivers that have been included in my build are ath9k and ath5k. Madwifi is not installed.
Ran a few tests to try and diagnose the problem. I am thinking it is a issue with the mac80211 framework or maybe the wireless driver (ath9k).
If I configure kismet drone (in the kismet.conf) to only scan one channel kismet drone starts and seems to work. But cannot confirm as I am still getting the segmentation fault when connecting to the kismet server. The source I am using is below:

If channel hopping is enabled, kismet drone produces the following error for every channel it tries to hop on:
ERROR: Failed to set channel 1: Device or resource busy

Might try some different wireless cards (current one is Mikrotik R52N, with Atheros 9220 chipset). Will also try a new build with the Kismet drone package from OpenWRT repositories to see if that is working.
Its hard to provide the right information, or needed information to diagnose my problem. Still learning about mac80211, OpenWRT and all things wireless!
On a good note, all the other builds are working well.

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