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Posted by:stomponthis
Subject:Kismet Drone, OpenWRT and mac80211
Date:09:32:50 16/07/2010


Having some issues with using the mac80211 framework on my Kismet Drone. A basic overview:
Have a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro with a freshly compiled version of OpenWRT (developers trunk) and Kismet 2010-01-R1. When the Kimset drone starts up it states that there is no mac80211 support....

ERROR: Source 'mon.wlan0' doesn't have mac80211 support, disabling VAP creation
of default monitor mode VAP
INFO: Interface 'mon.wlan0' is already marked as being in monitor mode, leaving
it as it is.

However, the OpenWRT configuration specifies to use mac80211 for the selected wireless device...

root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/config/wireless
config wifi-device radio0
option type mac80211

When compiling Kismet drone for the OpenWRT image, the output of the initial configuration states that mac80211 support is available.
I can supply any other conf file or compiling info (have saved it all).

I have another little issue with segmentation faults when the Kismet server connects to the Kismet drone. The Kismet server outputs ...

TCPclient fd 10 socket closed

and the Kismet drone reports a "segmentation error" and quits.

I have got a workaround to get Kismet drone to work (the segmentation error), by using the Kismet drone package from OpenWRT repositories. Just wanted to get the newer version going. Also haven't tried the latest Kismet svn yet, only 2010-01-R1.
Should also say that I am using the same method to produce a OpenWRT image with Kismet Drone 2010-01-R1 pre-installed. So far have flashed a Accton MR3201a (similar to Fon) and TP-Link WR1043ND. So its weird that I am only getting the segmentation fault on the RouterStation build.

Any help at all would be appreciated, from anyone! =D

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