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Posted by:larienz
Subject:rt73 and iwlagn different behaviours
Date:23:34:15 15/07/2010

Hi all, I am a newbie using Kismet and I would like to ask you about a little problem:

I'm using Kismet on Backtrack 4 with 2 different network adapters (not at the same time):

#1: Intel 5100 AGN built in laptop wireless card, using iwlagn module on BT4;
#2: Lynksys wusb54gc usb adapter, using rt73usb module on BT4;

With adapter #1, in my zone, I can see over 20 networks but, in the same zone, I can see only 5 or 6 with #2 adapter. I changed /usr/etc/kismet.conf nsource line inserting "wlan1" when I use adapter #2 and running kismet in this way:

#kismet -c wlan1

In fact, Kismet server works well but I don't understand why the two adapters can see a so different number of networks in the same area. I also used another module named "rt73" which creates "rausb0" in place of "wlan1" wireless interface but nothing changed. I also checked that any channel lock was active. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance,


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