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Posted by:janbbeck
Subject:How can I tell if AutoWEP and Aircrack-PTW work?
Date:21:13:11 06/07/2010

> > > I am working from the latest released version of Kismet and have compiled the AutoWEP and Aircrack-PTW plugins. Under the Kismet->plugins menu, it shows both of them installed as server plugins.
> >
> > Autowep doesn't rely on # of packets. If your AP is a default it recognizes, it works instantly, if not, it doesn't.
> >
> > PTW is highly variable in time, and ONLY works on DATA packets, not management frames. It must have a few tens of thousands of DATA frames.
> >
> > In both cases, info will be in the status window or in the network details.
> Thank you for the information. It seems that ALL the packets captured so far are management packets as shown in the network details. I am pushing a lot of data through this access point. Am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Ok, I am using ubuntu 10.04 and the ath5k driver included was the problem. I disabled the standard driver and installed the madwifi driver. That solved it.
Instructions are here:

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