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Posted by:janbbeck
Subject:How can I tell if AutoWEP and Aircrack-PTW work?
Date:16:38:44 06/07/2010

> > I am working from the latest released version of Kismet and have compiled the AutoWEP and Aircrack-PTW plugins. Under the Kismet->plugins menu, it shows both of them installed as server plugins.
> Autowep doesn't rely on # of packets. If your AP is a default it recognizes, it works instantly, if not, it doesn't.
> PTW is highly variable in time, and ONLY works on DATA packets, not management frames. It must have a few tens of thousands of DATA frames.
> In both cases, info will be in the status window or in the network details.

Thank you for the information. It seems that ALL the packets captured so far are management packets as shown in the network details. I am pushing a lot of data through this access point. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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