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Posted by:janbbeck
Subject:How can I tell if AutoWEP and Aircrack-PTW work?
Date:04:15:27 06/07/2010

I am working from the latest released version of Kismet and have compiled the AutoWEP and Aircrack-PTW plugins. Under the Kismet->plugins menu, it shows both of them installed as server plugins.

I am now testing this on my home network. I am copying large files on the network to increase the number of packets sent. My AP is set to a 128 bit WEP key.

I have let this run for more than a day now, and the 'general info' field reports 48 million packets. The channel of my network shows 250000 packets.

I am not sure if the plugins even attempt to crack my key. I can see no indication. Is there any place I can see the progress?

From what I have seen on the net, my network should have been compromised by now....

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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