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Posted by:walts
Subject:Help needed Kismet AirPcap Windows XP
Date:12:29:08 03/07/2010

> Can I ask if your logs are saving? I have tried to point Kismet to Cygwin directories and Windows directories without any luck. On a new install, Kismet from CACE is supposed to save to the logs sub-folder of the Kismet install. Logs have never saved for me on 3 different machines, 2 XP and 1 Win7.

They aren't. I didn't realize that until after I had posted my last entry, and I fought with it for about an hour before giving up for the day. I tried all of the "reasonable" things in kismet.conf like logprefix and logtemplate; I also checked the box in the configuration application. the logs folder is empty, as is my own folder pointed to by kismet.conf. Clearly we're missing something.

Logging IS working in mu Linux installation. I noted in kismet.conf that I have the log folder entered directly into logtemplate, in lieu of %p. Whether that was done in ignorance or for some specific reason I don't remember, but it is working. FWIW I could not make the suiduser work in Linux, so I'm running as root.

I'll post any breakthroughs here!



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