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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:When does Kismet capture packets?
Date:02:22:58 03/07/2010

> Hi all,
> A few months ago, I posted a question because I was unable to capture retried packets with the same interface I transmit. That was clear for me ( But now I have to argue why, and I would like to know some things in order to explain it:
> When are sent packets captured by kismet? I know that all transmitted packets go into the skb and then into the mac80211.
> Are the retransmission done into the mac80211? (I use Atheros chipset with ath9k driver).

Kismet captures via pcap, which attaches to the kernel/driver layer.

Injection in general is super sketchy, uses different headers, etc. If you're using drivers which dump rtap but inject rtap-variant, straight dot11, or something else, it's not going to capture right since it won't match the declared DLT.

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