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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Change update rate of server?
Date:22:05:36 02/07/2010

> Hi,
> currently the kismet-server sends a new set of data to a client over the TCP-connection once every second. This set of data contains everything that is requested by the sentence and may be - depending on the configuration and the number of networks - a big amount of data.
> Is there a possibility to change this update rate to higher values of about 2..4 secons instead of the one second done at the moment?
> Elmey

There isn't anything in the config, but you could definitely edit - look for where it registers timers, and change that value. There are a lot of sub-modules which also register at the 1 second timer though.

If you wanted to add a config option & send a patch I'd almost definitely merge it.

There should be minimal other issues beyond changing those timer registry values.

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