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Posted by:walts
Subject:Help needed Kismet AirPcap Windows XP
Date:12:16:25 02/07/2010


I started working through the console errors to try to resolve them.
First the OUI file could not be found. All of the references in the kismet.conf file were "Linux format":

# OUI file, expected format 00:11:22<tab>manufname
# IEEE OUI file used to look up manufacturer info. We default to the
# wireshark one since most people have that.
I found the manuf file in the Cygwin folder (seperately installed?) and added a line to kismet.conf pointing to it:

I don't have GPS so I set gps=false.

Then a new error - Kismet was complaining that it couldn't find a suitable network adapter. Based on the automatic finding of previous runs, I added the following to kismet.conf:

That got rid of all the ERROR: messages in the console window, but still it complained that it could not find the cygwin terminal, so I started up Procmon (from Sysinternals) and started kismet. I went through the procmon output searching for errors. I found that kismet_client.exe was trying to find cygwin files in C:\Documents and Settings\walts\.terminfo\63\ which didn't exist. The same files it was looking for existed in C:\Documents and Settings\walts\.terminfo\c\ so I created the 63 folder and copied the files into it.

Now Kismet is working!

Thanks to all the help pointing me along the right path to solving this. dragorn, you seem to have connections to Cace - would you pass along this information to the appropriate people? If I can help in further testing, please let me know.

Walt :-)

> I'm away from that machine for now, but I'll try to get to it later tonight. For starters, you have to have a CygWin install. Kismet is going to look for files in CygWin's directories. There are also temp files created in \Home when Kismet is run. I changed the config file to use my Garmin serial GPS instead of GPSD. Most of the other adjustments were to the paths for the OUI database and plugins.

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