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Posted by:walts
Subject:Help needed Kismet AirPcap Windows XP
Date:16:26:16 01/07/2010

> I am having trouble running AirPcap NX on two different Windows platforms also using CACE's installer. You definitely need CygWin for it to run at all. The included DLLs from CACE are not cutting it for me. I already tried a fresh install of CACE's driver, CygWin, and the Kismet install from CACE's website. I can tweak the config file to get Kismet to run and I can further tweak it for the GPS to work too, but I have not been able to get any logs to save.
> I tried a manual install using instructions from the Kismet documentation and another manual install using instructions from Renderman's website. All of the documentation is written for older builds. I get a few minor complaints during configuration, but I have not been able to execute make or make build without errors.
> I haven't been able to get any help from CACE, and I haven't had the time yet to devote to serious troubleshooting before I ask for more help here.

Would you care to elaborate on the tweaks you made to kismet.conf?


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