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Posted by:ulrichard
Subject:Use custom hardware with spectool
Date:06:37:37 01/07/2010

> It would be feasible. You'd have to write a new input driver for spectool.
Ok, glad to see.

> From a technical standpoint, what you need to do is look at how one of the usb drivers presents data to the callbacks, and fill in similarly.

For me it would be easiest if I could just send a stream of data. Say one special char after every reading and another special char after every sweep. That way the micro controller wouldn't waste any cycles waiting for commands. I have 5 bit resolution per channel (0 - 31). Internally I'm using a CYWM6935 like I read some older WiSpy's used as well.
Control commands should be very simple, preferably one character. For example 'l' for 'start logging' and 'e' for 'end logging'.

My device doesn't have a native USB interface, but a Serial-to-USB chip, which is recognised by the system as something like /dev/ttyUSB0
To identify I could do a simple handshake.

Would that still be feasible?

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