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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Use custom hardware with spectool
Date:02:06:48 01/07/2010

> Hi,
> this is my first post here. I could also dig the code to find the answer, but I prefer to get some opinions or hints first.
> I built a simple Arduino based spectrum analyzer that has a simple display. Now I thought that with spectool I could display more information.
> How hard would it be to interface? The arduino has a USB-Serial converter. My spectrum analyzer does 5 sweeps per second over 84 channels. That's 2.40 to 2.484 GHz. If I would send all that data it will probably be slower.
> Would that be feasible ti interface with spectool? How would I have to send the data?

It would be feasible. You'd have to write a new input driver for spectool.

Currently Spectool only supports WiSpy devices. I'm developing a fork to support airview due to requests & people supplying hardware, but since Metageek has been amazing and none of the other vendors have cared, it's going to be separate.

I'm not entirely sure how to handle some things - namely, that spectools implements the chanalyzer protocol since metageek helped develop it, but that's intended for wispy devices.

From a technical standpoint, what you need to do is look at how one of the usb drivers presents data to the callbacks, and fill in similarly.

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