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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Sensitivity threshold in monitor mode
Date:17:11:39 17/06/2010

> Hi all,
> I create an ad-hoc network between two computers and a file is transmitted from one computer to another. At the same time kismet is running in each computer. I repeat the process increasing the distance between computers. I can note that when the distance is about 50 meters or higher, kismet can not capture all received packets while the other interface in ad-hoc mode receives all packets without problems. If I increase more and more the distance, kismet captures less and less packets.
> Is it possible that the sensitivity threshold is lower when wireless card is in monitor mode than in ad-hoc mode? I try also permuting two wireless cards, but the result is the same.

There is no physical reason, it's possible your drivers suck.

However, if you leave Kismet channel hopping, you will only be on the channel your network is using a fraction of the time. As you go further away, you are less likely to see packets from overlapping channels, giving a perceived loss of sensitivity - when really, your card is listening just the same, you need to lock kismet to a single channel (via the kismet menu->channel in the UI)

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