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Posted by:roundqube
Subject:4.9Ghz Ubiquiti SR4C
Date:06:40:49 15/06/2010

I have madwifi drivers working with the ubiquiti HAL where I can control the channel bandwidth:

5Mhz value 2 into /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/cwidth
10Mhz value 1 into /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/cwidth
20Mhz value 0 into /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/cwidth

I'm running 2009-Newcore

My kismet source is ncsource=wifi0:type=madwifi,hop=true,channellist=49ghz


Now here's my issue. When I have my card set to 20 Mhz channels and I load up Kismet, it captures on kis0 and I can see my network. However, when I change to 5Mhz or 10Mhz, I cannot see anything in the interface YET Kismet shows packet increases when I have my AP on the specific channel I am trying to scan/capture for. For example, when I change channel to 10 on my AP when entering the value '2' in my cwidth (to monitor 5Mhz wide channels), I can see my packet numbers stop immediately so Kismet is aware that something has happenned.

Now, when I set the AP back to 5, packets begin to increase again each time it goes through my 5,10,15, etc...

Also note that when I create a managed VAP (ath0) and run iwlist ath0 scan... I can see my SSID and the channel plus RSSI (dBm). Even when changing channels, immediately running the commandline scan afterwards shows the changes.

Is this a Kismet issue? I've tried latest SVN and kismet-old with similar results. I understand the packages I am using are old, but I once did have this setup working but have since lost documentation and need to get it working once again.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ubuntu 7.1 (only because the ubiquiti radio driver - HAL - compiles under this version of ubuntu)
Madwifi Drivers - madwifi-dfs-r3319-20080201
Ubiquiti HAL - 0.7.379

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