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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Capture source Proxim Orinoco, rssi not being reported
Date:14:47:02 04/06/2010

> I have a proxim orinoco card 80211a/b/g 8480 FC Combocard and collected data using capture source of "orinoco". Just tracked down that it uses the atheros 5212 chip.
> When I don't specify source it auto detects to "ath5k" as the card type, which I'm guessing should be the capture source. Would the data collected under "orinoco" be incorrect, or would kismet have overrode it using ath5k? It created wlan0mon vap to do monitor.
> The other thing I noticed is it reports signal strength in dBM but not rssi. Know rssi is not as accurate but is this a function of the driver/chip if its not getting reported?

You don't have an orinoco card - you have an atheros they sub-licensed. Kismet is detecting it correctly - it's using the ath5k drivers.

RSSI is a useless number. Unless you know how to convert it to DBM there is no way to know what it means.

The drivers convert it to DBM - this is a good thing! This means you can use it (though I don't believe signal levels in monitor mode are very accurate in general).

So things are "working as expected"


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