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Posted by:Mick410
Subject:Help with AirPcap NX on WinXP SP3 Please
Date:21:56:13 02/06/2010

I have run Kismet on BackTrack and I am familiar with how it should operate. I am by no means an expert on configuration.

I am trying to get Kismet 2009-06-R1 up and running using the CACE AirPcap NX on a laptop running WinXP SP3. I am using the most current install files from and the latest drivers from the same site (V4.1.1). After reading an earlier post, I installed CygWin to get Kismet to stop complaining about the console. I tweaked the config file to point to directories for Plug-Ins and an OUI file from WireShark. I even got the GPS working with an external Garmin eTrex.

I can not get Kismet to save any logs. I have checked off "Enable Kismet Disk Logging" in the configuration utility. I have edited the config file to point to a valid directory accessible by CygWin and made sure the LogTemplate is valid. I have tried limiting the logging to nettxt and netxml, but no joy. Everything else works. I can see the APs along with RSSI, the manufacturer, channel, and freq.

I have contacted CACE, but Tech Support told me that it was not a supported application and that it was only provided as a convenience to customers. The driver appears to be good, because all of the other applications from CACE work. None of the other apps rely on CygWin however, so that is probably not very meaningful.

Are there any resources available or is there anything specific I can do to troubleshoot and resolve this issue? I do want the Kismet logs and the GPS data associated with them. If I only needed the packets, I would stick with WireShark.


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