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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Testing with 4.9ghz card
Date:02:59:01 29/05/2010

> I'm attempting to configure a laptop to use for drive-testing a city WiFi network. We have both 2.4ghz and 4.9ghz access points. I have Kismet working successfully with 2.4ghz with a Ubiquiti SRC card. However, I'm struggling to get Kismet working for 4.9ghz with a Ubiquiti SR4C card. Even if I manually add the 4.9ghz frequencies (4940-4990mhz) and the appropriate channel bandwidth and separation, Kismet still only scans the 5.0-5.8ghz frequencies (which the card also supports) but not the 4.9ghz frequencies. Is there a specific ncsource line I need to use to get Kismet to detect all the frequencies that are available for this card?

My understanding is that this card lies - it doesn't support, in the OS, 4.9ghz, it remaps other channels.

If this is the case, kismet will also lie - it has no way to know that the card firmware remaps channels.

I know their 9mhz versions do this.

Kismet auto-detects the channels the card claims to support, so I suspect you need to read the docs for that card, figure out the channel remap, and redo everything in your head - there's no way to tell kismet that 5180mhz is really 4900mhz.

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