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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Only management packets.
Date:02:38:54 26/05/2010

> I've read through the whole troubleshooting+FAQ on the readme and also looked around over the forum but haven't found any answers to this.
> I'm running kismet ("newcore" from SVN downloaded today) on a nice Realtek card integrated on my toshiba laptop. Every network I see WEP or WPA encrypted and packet counters indicate that I'm getting only management packets, no data nor crypt.
> Is this normal? I haven't got a chance to try it with open networks yet.

if you're channel hopping and the networks don't have active users at the time you're looking, quite normal. Beacons are 10x a second, data is only when someone is talking, and most of the time, no-one is. Tune to your own network and fire off a broadcast ping or something to make some wifi traffic.

> Also, I've installed plugin-ptw and read through its readme. Isn't there supposed to be some kind of info on kismet's UI about how is aircrack attack doing? I can't find any of it but the plugin seems to be running alright.

It will, if it's captured anything - if there's no data packets, it won't.

> And that's pretty much it, thanks for your patience :D

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