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Posted by:rigrig
Subject:Compiling plugins on Ubuntu
Date:13:26:34 23/05/2010

> Oh good, Ubuntu decided to be "special" once again. Of course.

Seems they did it because dash is supposed to be faster than bash. Looks like it made lots of people unhappy, since there are also lots of (now broken) scripts assuming /bin/sh points to bash. Apparently people should only assume POSIX compliance from the shell, or make their scripts explicitly use bash.

> No, they can't just be replaced with cd - if you have, for example, a symlink, then cd foo; cd ..; is not reflexive.

Thanks for explaining that, I could've figured there was some reason to use pudh/popd instead of cd.

> I tweaked it to launch yet another sub-shell to try to keep Ubuntu's crappy nonstandard shell happy, instead.

Thanks for the quick fix, just checked out the development version, and the plugins compiled fine.

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