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Posted by:hardbop
Subject:Kismet under Windows - Packet dumps not being saved. (Help)
Date:22:26:48 17/05/2010

> Odd.
> Make sure that logging is enabled (it's not being passed -n), and that your log types are enabled in the logtypes= field.

Yes, this was verified.

> Failing to open the logfiles will cause Kismet to exit, so it's either a)not trying or b) not opening them where you think you're opening them.
> Have you tried a file search?

Searched high and low! :) I haven't looked at the problem in a few days, though. What I've been doing is using Kismet to figure out which channel certain SSIDs are on, and then going to Wireshark to do the actual capturing.

Would like to figure this out, though! Thanks.

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