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Posted by:Mick410
Subject:Kismet under Windows - Packet dumps not being saved. (Help)
Date:01:00:28 17/05/2010

I am having the same problem on 2 different XP machines using AirPcap as my capture device. I've tried enabling logging in the configuration GUI and manually editing the kismet.conf to properly point to a folder. I've got CygWin installed, but I am running the Kismet install from CACE that runs from C:\Program Files\ No logs are saved, but I can see APs and get everything else including the GPS working.

Any help is appreciated.

> I finally got Kismet running on Windows (Vista 64) with an AirPcap TX card. Everything runs fine except that NO packet dumps or other log files are being saved.
> I am using "Kismet 2009-06-R1" downloaded from here:
> In order to get it work, I also had to download and install the OLD version of cygwin (1.5). I only needed to install the absolute minimum, however (just the base package). Prior to this, kismet wouldn't start because it complained about not being able to open the "cygwin" terminal.
> Anyway, now that all of this is done it seems to be working BUT -- no log or packet dump files are saved AT ALL. At first I thought this was perhaps an issue with the default file names using characters that were OK in UNIX but not Windows systems. But even after creating a "logtemplate" that I know is compatible with windows (in kismet.conf) -- Kismet STILL does not save any packet dumps. I even used a process monitor to examine the file activity of the kismet server and it doesn't even TRY to open any dump files. The console DOES display, "Initializing DUMP files ...", however.
> Any clues as to what I might be the problem? I get the feeling very few people run this under Windows, BTW.

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