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Posted by:hardbop
Subject:Kismet under Windows - Packet dumps not being saved. (Help)
Date:03:58:40 12/05/2010

I finally got Kismet running on Windows (Vista 64) with an AirPcap TX card. Everything runs fine except that NO packet dumps or other log files are being saved.

I am using "Kismet 2009-06-R1" downloaded from here:

In order to get it work, I also had to download and install the OLD version of cygwin (1.5). I only needed to install the absolute minimum, however (just the base package). Prior to this, kismet wouldn't start because it complained about not being able to open the "cygwin" terminal.

Anyway, now that all of this is done it seems to be working BUT -- no log or packet dump files are saved AT ALL. At first I thought this was perhaps an issue with the default file names using characters that were OK in UNIX but not Windows systems. But even after creating a "logtemplate" that I know is compatible with windows (in kismet.conf) -- Kismet STILL does not save any packet dumps. I even used a process monitor to examine the file activity of the kismet server and it doesn't even TRY to open any dump files. The console DOES display, "Initializing DUMP files ...", however.

Any clues as to what I might be the problem? I get the feeling very few people run this under Windows, BTW.

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