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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:does rt8180 report signal strength?
Date:18:14:30 10/05/2010

> So I just got a lenovo x201, it's got a Realtek 8191SE-VA2 so I edited my kismet.conf with the line "source=rt8180,wlan0,wifi", and everything looks like it's working...
> However, all networks it detects report zero signal strength. Now I know the card works - I can connect to networks fine.
> Is there something wrong on my end, or is this driver just not fully functional?
> (I can post output from any commands that people might need to help diagnose the issue)

It's not uncommon that drivers don't report strength.

You're also using an old Kismet version, get 2010-01-R1. The kismet you're using came out long before that card, and there are likely support issues.

Generally speaking, use the kernel drivers whenever you can. If you're using the out-of-kernel vendor drivers, they usually can't report signal levels (or do a lot of other stuff very well), ironically.

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