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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet Drone - cross compile OpenWRT Backfire
Date:18:11:50 10/05/2010

> My real question is I am wondering if you could possibly shed some light on some errors/warnings encountered when cross compiling. An example is shown below:
> In file included from packet.h:37,
> from packetsource.h:31,
> from
> packet_ieee80211.h:248: warning: 'packed' attribute ignored
> packet_ieee80211.h:253: warning: 'packed' attribute ignored
> packet_ieee80211.h:273: warning: 'packed' attribute ignored

It shouldn't affect anything, I'll check though. I'd suggest trying the latest svn, too, I fixed a bunch of lingering bugs in drone that'll go into the next release.

> I was contemplating using the latest Kismet drone package provided by OpenWRT for the Backfire release, which is kismet-client_2009-06-R1-2_atheros.ipk, which seems like the first newcore drone package that has been available from their repositories. Though it seems a lot has changed since this release, for the drone application as well?

A lot has changed, but the drone stuff ought to be solid. the new drone protocol auto-negotiates the level of compatibility.

> I also read your presentation from Sharkfest 09, when you mentioned a few future plans for Kismet-newcore. Was wondering if we can still expect features such as WPA-PSK and WPA-EAP decryption or more IDS functionality. Not pushing for development, just wondering as the additional features sound useful, especially for network security or forensic uses.

Yeah... it's on the plate. Some additional IDS stuff went in already, and the logging core is getting a rewrite as soon as I have a little more time, so it will support multiple phys in one log (so you get one xml with 802.11, zigbee, dect, foo, and all your gps data)

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